Find The Right Car Cover With Cover Craft

Cover craft is a international leading vehicle cowl corporation this is acknowledged for its extremely good Ultratect vehicle cover. The Ultratect cowl is perfect in case you preserve your vehicle outside for an long durations of time. Let’s say you are lucky enough to have a flowery Rolls Royce, the sort that you most effective use on unique occasions, then you’ll need it to be protected nicely in order that it remain in tip-pinnacle shape for while you want it. This cover is an less costly way of safeguarding your car against the rain and UV. When they manufacture the Ultratect vehicle cowl, Cover craft use Weather Max material that is answer-dyed, and has a mess of blessings. Each and each fiber of the material has been dyed, now not just the surface and therefore the auto cowl will no longer fade even if even though it is left outdoor inside the sun, which usually fades the auto’s paint.

The fabric is likewise brilliant water-resistant as water repellent Hydro Max is on each on this outside and inside of the cloth. This will assist to make certain that rain, sleet and snow can not get in your automobile and harm it, while at the equal time, the fabric is still breathable. Cover craft use two sets of a hundred and fifty denier yarn go sectioned, and in the machine, rather than one set of three hundred, which makes the duvet infinitely more potent, or even extra water resistant.

If you are concerned that your car is overlooked in the solar and excessive atmospheric situations do no longer agonize any extra. Ultratect is defensive towards the UV’s harmful rays, and will make sure that the auto will not end up damaged as a end result.

One extremely good function that Cover craft have blanketed within the making of Ultratect is that the fabric is wondrous at keeping the form. Often whilst one buys even a custom vehicle cowl, after some time it starts to get baggy due to the fabric stretching at the same time as the owner positioned the cover on and take it off. The fibers of the Ultratect cover are made with minimal stretch, and therefore is by a ways the maximum superior in retaining its form and form.

The weight of the fabric is sort of to perfect to be true. It is mild sufficient to slip on and rancid day by day, and hold within the boot of the car, however at the identical time it’s far heavy sufficient to preserve in vicinity and now not fall off.

It is extraordinarily realistic and smooth to preserve the Ultratect vehicle cover as it could be washed at domestic, and even placed inside the domestic drier. This is so much less complicated than taking it to the economic cleaners each time and expecting it to come back again.


The new Mercedes-Benz G Class , presented at the Detroit Motor Show, is already priced in Germany. Available only with the four-door body, its base price is 107,040.50 euros. Although the German brand has already opened the configurator with the new G 500, the first units will not reach customers until June this year, at the same time that the AMG G 63, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, opening the order book almost immediately. By the end of the year, in December, the arrival of the G 350d diesel version is not expected. The new special package of Night equipment will be offered with these three mechanical versions, but Mercedes-Benz must with the AMG Line finish level that, although in the most extreme and sporty case, it is not necessary to include as standard all the equipment aesthetic AMG. It can be combined with all the colors of the model, with the exception of Black Obsidian Metallic, since the Night package itself has specific details in this color in order to create a attractive and elegant contrast highlighting the design of the new G Class breathable car covers.

The specific elements of this package are the side protective frames, the inserts on the bumper, the outer rearview mirror housings and the stepper cover frame on the rear cover. The grille is also another specific element of the Night package, with the black lacquered blades, along with the taillights and the darkened front lights that are on the sides of the hood. Completing the set, the 20-inch AMG multi-spoke light alloy wheels and the tinted glass with a specific heat-insulating treatment come into play.


The new Mercedes-Benz G Class is already on sale in many markets. Although initially the new generation of the German all-terrain line is made up of a single version (G 500), with the passage of months Mercedes-Benz will introduce new options to offer a complete and varied line. The first units will arrive in the dealerships next May and will have a wide range of standard equipment. However, the star brand will continue to offer options as a way to provide customers with the possibility of finding a more personal and individual configuration. Over time there will be several optional style packages and equipment that can be found in the line of the new Mercedes-Benz G Class. Since its launch to the public, the German company has already revealed some packages and little by little will arise others. Now a new one comes up. The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz G Class has just presented an interesting package called Stainless Steel. By means of specific exterior finishes, the Mercedes-Benz all-terrain has a more stylish, dynamic and elegant image. Taking a look at the images, one can see the main differences of the Mercedes-Benz G Class Stainless Steel compared to the new Mercedes-Benz G Class conventional.

It should be noted that this package comes standard on the Mercedes-AMG G 63, although for the time being this most sporty and radical version is not for sale yet. It will add side skirts, a specific cover for the steppe, specific protections for the front and rear bumpers, as well as a brand emblem with 3D finish. Mechanically, everything will now revolve around the Mercedes-Benz G 500. Underneath its hood is a 4.0-liter V8 engine with 422 hp and 610 Nm of maximum torque, coupled with a nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic transmission and a total traction system. Thanks to this mechanics it is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds, announcing an average consumption of 9 km / l. The new Stainless Steel package will soon join the Night Pack that is already available in the line of the new Mercedes-Benz G Class. Each of the optional packages is oriented to provide the Stuttgart all-terrain with a specific image enhancing the car with more personalized features.


Just over a month ago, at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Mercedes-Benz announced the upgrade of its C Class in both the Sedan and Estate versions, a light aesthetic renewal that showed important mechanical and technological innovations. Now comes the two-door versions of the model: the Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe and Cabriolet 2019. The image of both adopts the elements that we have already seen in their brothers: touches in the bumpers, grid with diamond effect, LED headlights High Performance and a sporting character in the AMG versions. Inside the upgrade is similarly subtle, looking much like the pre-facelift model, but improving the quality of the materials (upholstery, frames, etc.) and adding a new steering wheel, ambient lighting options and the energizing control system, plus of an instrument cluster that can count on a screen up to 12.3 inches combined with a center console formed with another screen of 7.0 or 10.25 inches. That’s just part of the technological equipment offered. Among other elements are the digital keyhole system in the smartphone thanks to NFC technology, a wireless charging input and the sound system with nine speakers and 225 watts signed by Burmester experts. However, the most outstanding is the set of assistants to the driving it offers.

Most are inherited from the S Class, among them the Intelligent Drive, which is a semi-autonomous driving system with a set of cameras and radars that analyze the surroundings of the car in up to 500 meters in front, 40 on the sides and 80 at the rear. DISTRONIC helps to adjust the speed of the vehicle according to the situation and also adds to the equipment the wizard of change of track, steering, braking and emergency stop. Also important is the renovation of its mechanical line, which when it reaches the market in July will be formed by three versions. Perhaps more interesting is the C 200, as it uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 184 hp that combines with the mild hybrid system of 48 volts EQ Boost, which provides 14 extra cv and releases the engine of some functions, the which helps reduce consumption. The diesel option is the C 220d, a 2.0-liter block with 194 hp. The top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe and Cabriolet is the AMG C 43. This version uses a 3.0 V6 engine of 390 hp and 520 Nm, features the 4MATIC all-wheel drive and allows the coupe to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds, one tenth less than the convertible, with the top speed of both limited at 250 km / h.


The latest project presented by coach Hofele-Design, a true expert on modifying the Mercedes-Benz cars, is a true tribute to the past of the German brand in the world of competition. A reference to one of the star icons of the car, the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, which took part in the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico and in which Mercedes-Benz achieved an excellent result with Karl Kling in command of the vehicle. Taking as a starting point the Mercedes-Benz C Class sedan bodywork, the German preparer made different modifications both exterior and interior with the aim of creating a certain relationship between this modern model and the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. The project was named ‘Pan-Amerikana’ and the result is noticeable and can be seen in the images that appear in the gallery below. On the exterior of the new Mercedes-Benz C Class ‘Pan-Amerikana’ the main changes focus on the front, where the grille has been replaced by a new one, whose design evokes the aforementioned classic. Features vertical bars of significant thickness and a very striking finish, which helps transmit power and intuit that the engine hidden under the hood offers a high performance.

Another of the novelties presented by the Mercedes-Benz C Class modified by Hofele-Design are the beautiful 19-inch Hofele Mythos light alloy wheels that are paved by 225/40 tires. For the front bumper the preparer offers the possibility to choose between a carbon finish, glossy black, chrome and the same tone of the body. At the rear, in addition to the relevant emblem of Hofele-Design also comes a chrome finish for the exhaust system outputs. To this we must add the interesting combination achieved by choosing to paint the body in the Gunmetal matte color and the ceiling in High Gloss Black. Leaving aside the exterior, compared to the interior of the Mercedes-Benz C Class ‘Pan-Amerikana’, the first thing you will welcome are the new backlit signs on the doorsteps. Also replaced the series rugs for other custom rugs. For the leather upholstery of the seats we opted for a combination of two colors.


Brabus has unveiled one of its latest projects, this time the protagonist is a Mercedes-Benz G 500. The German preparer, model star specialist, was the first to look at the new generation of the G Class, presented at the beginning of the year. Brabus experts began by reconfiguring the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The engine generates 493 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and develops 710 Nm of torque starting at 2,250 rpm. These values ​​represent an increase of 78 hp and 100 Nm over conventional model specifications. The Brabus OG 500 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 km / h – electronically limited. The black exterior with contrasting chrome accents reveals a menacing aura that reflects engine power. The look is characterized by LED lights installed in the ceiling, a rear spoiler and several elements in carbon fiber, among which the hood stands out. The wheels are available in various designs and sizes between 20 and 23 inches, the largest of which are paved with 305/35 R23 tires. It is worth noting that the exhaust system made of stainless steel includes valves that can be controlled to configure the loudness. In relation to the personalization of the interior, the sky is the limit. Various types of leather can be combined with high quality Alcantara and various carbon fiber elements. The pedals are aluminum, and in addition, it is possible to opt for wood finishes.


Mercedes-Benz announced that it will launch the F-Cell GLC, delivering the first vehicles to select customers in the German market, including government agencies and some companies. The Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell is the hybrid SUV of the German brand of zero emission combining the propulsion system with battery and with hydrogen (fuel cell) and having the technology plug-in for external loading. The SUV of Mercedes-Benz allows to run exclusively with the battery electricity as well as using the exclusive consumption of pure hydrogen in a regime that allows to choose the most convenient way according to the route. With a long range of 430 km with hydrogen and fast recharging times, the F-Cell GLC can replace the two hydrogen tanks in three minutes – gaining 51 km more autonomy in the hybrid mode. The Mercedes GLC F-Cell has four operating modes:

Hybrid : Vehicle collects energy from both sources. Power peaks are managed by the battery, while the ‘fuel cell’ operates at its optimum efficiency.

F-Cell : the state of charge of the high-voltage battery is kept constant by the fuel cell’s energy. Only hydrogen is consumed. This mode is ideal for running steadily over long distances.

Battery : The F-Cell GLC operates fully electric and is powered by the high-voltage battery. The F-Cell system is not operating. It is ideal for short distances.

Charging : Charging the high voltage battery has priority, for example, in the sense of recharging it to the fullest before recharging with hydrogen or creating power reserves. In all modes there is a power recovery function in braking or when parked storing it in the battery.